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Dr. Parviz Falari Rashvand, N.D.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
UAE Certified Practice License

Canadian License # 1125
Member of Canadian Naturopathic Association

I offer a holistic view of patient care based on natural modalities for prevention as well as treatment of diseases. The following paragraph is to get a better idea about my education and the natural modalities with which I am comfortable the most.

I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), which is one of the most reputed schools of Naturopathy in North America. The program itself is offered for whole four years after a successful completion of at least 3 years of basic sciences as prerequisites. During the main program at CCNM, the students study all the basic medical sciences, as in a conventional medical school, including anatomy, physiology, histology, immunology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, and other related courses (theory & practicum), all in addition to specific modalities in Natural Medicine, such as Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and supplementations, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including the philosophy, herbs, and acupuncture, physical manipulation (bodywork)and Chiropractic techniques, Lifestyle Counseling, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy. The internship is at least 12 months after being qualified in prerequisites and all related clinical entrance exams. It is important to mention that the process of licensing in Canada and US requires a board exam (NPLEX), which is simultaneously held throughout North America in 2 parts; part one: at the end of the 2nd year for all basic medical sciences, and part two: at the end of the 4th year, latter a 3 day written and one day practical for all natural modalities as well as pharmacology and minor surgery.

Also, as a new part of natural modalities, I recently accomplished my training in “QXCI”, the most sophisticated computer software ever used in medicine. Invented by a former NASA scientist, the QXCI works on a biofeedback interaction with the unconscious part of the brain based on the quantum laws of physics. So, with no subjective interference from either practitioner or patient, it is able to evaluate and analyze different electrical details of the body to detect and treat any imbalances. There is so much to say about the QXCI and to get more information about it, you can simply Click Here to go to the official website.

I am grateful to have the opportunity of being in the UAE and I know that I can have a positive effective in the promotion of a better health in this region, serving people with a scientific, new and revised knowledge of natural medicine from the best universities of the world.

A summary of my experiences:

I started off my work in medical field as a nursing university student in Iran at the time of the war in 1985, when I was sent to the front line as paramedics for a period of six months. It was a horrible but excellent medical experience. After that, I finished the rest of my military service in one of the most sophisticated military hospitals in Tehran, working mostly with freshly amputated limbs, an unfortunate after-war side effect.

For the next two years, I continued my work in different wards of different hospitals in Iran from internal and surgical to psychiatrics. Then, after breaking down of the Soviet Union, I moved to Ukraine to study dentistry. Despite the good study situation, after a few years, I got the opportunity to immigrate to Canada and continue my study there. It was there, which I started to learn about the concepts of alternative medicine, and based on my previous experience, I realized that this was the correct way to practice medicine.
A holistic approach with no more harm to patients!

I diverted my goal from becoming a dentist to study Naturopathic Medicine, which in addition to all conventional medical courses, it covered different natural modalities including clinical nutrition and orthomolecular medicine, botanical medicine, TCM or the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, homeopathy, body work and chiropractic techniques, counseling, and some hydrotherapy.

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