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Francesca Pinoni

Specializing in Enhancement Therapies


Relaxation & Stress Release
Evaluate overall condition of body/emotions
Helps to identify and overcome causes of chronic conditions
Detox preparation (essential when doing anti-cellulite Massage / lymphatic drainage and other detox programs)
Performance enhancement for sports/dance, etc.
Speeds injury recovery time
Overcome the “blues”
Ease symptoms associated with menopause
Enhance personal development
Jet-lag recovery
Stimulate creativity
Improve focus & memory
Increase feeling of well-being
Balance emotions
Overcome emotional/creative blockage

Francesca has been using the QXCI/SCIO since 2001. With a background in Magnetotherapy & Reiki she brings a different direction to SCIO biofeedback therapy, working on the whole person to help each individual achieve his or her maximum potential.

The SCIO resembles “high tech” Reiki. Like Reiki, it works on the body’s subtle energetic system. Sending minute electrical impulses at biological speeds it can quickly provides an evaluation of all the body’s systems, from organs to body systems, emotions and even the chakras and the aura. Again, using these same impulses, with the guidance of an experienced operator, the system sends counter-frequencies back into the body to bring it back into optimal balance and functioning level.

Tapping In To Your Own Body’s Knowledge: subconsciously, you know what is holding you back from optimal health & happiness. The SCIO can help you access this knowledge and activate your body’s ability to heal itself on every level.

If you would like to be the best you can be, if you would like additional support for your own health & beauty regime, treat yourself to an Enhancement Session with Francesca & the SCIO + 357 25-328585 (Mob) + 359 99 801314

SCIO & Reiki treatments can be done from a distance. Email Francesca for details about how you can benefit form a treatment anywhere you are in the world.

Note: This therapy is NOT suitable for people with pacemakers. Also, it is less effective during a woman’s time of menstruation.

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